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Tiger 675 Exhibition Bike - born from a late night session during one of the mid-year Palmy RAT Raids, this bike was conceived before the Tiger 800 was a rumour

There were two aims in doing this:

To base a special on the light and lovely Daytona 675; and

To produce an exhibition bike (using available Triumph parts) which melded the tarmac traillie 1050 with the pocket rocket 675 to produce a real off-road capable bike

The shame of it is the bike turned out to be way more off road capable than its rider ....

This was the bike once nearly everything had found a home but didn't quite marry up with each other yet ...


And this was the bike at first assembly (having attached front & rear suspension), but as you can see: nothing else fitted straight out of the box ....


Donor Bike       Parts used
Daytona 675

Engine, wiring, instruments, frame and swingarm

... and the tank which was "grown" to 23 litres ...

Tiger 1050

Complete front end (cockpit, forks, brakes, handlebars etc), rear subframe and seat (heavily modified)

... plus the silencer ... urgh !

other bits   Wheels came from a 2001 Tiger 955, then a handmade rear caliper carrier (what a mission) and similarly "bespoke" structure to join the main and subframes together were the only real non-Triumph parts


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