Latest News: Project complete

Daytona 1050 Exhibition Bike - this bike has been made from a selection of parts taken from various bikes we are breaking. There are two aims in doing this:

To demonstrate the quality of the parts we provide; and

To produce an exhibition bike (using available Triumph parts) which extrapolates the Daytona line into the realm of the newer 1050cc engine

The picture of the cockpit shows the addition of the Wideband Commander air/fuel ratio gauge and the Veypor datalogger computer. Together they comprise an on-road Dyno ....

Some of the wiring necessary to knit together the bike's EMU computer with the Power Commander (hidden beneath the Wideband Commander air/fuel ratio datalogger) and the Veypor datalogging unit (the little black box beside the header tank) .... four computers ?!?!

The picture below shows the bike after initial assembly in September. Road testing proved handling is well above par before the engine was rebuilt with the goodies from the 955 bag ....

Donor Bike       Parts used
Daytona 955i (late)

The complete fairing

... and some of the engine's internals...

Speed Triple 1050

Everything bar the headlights, handlebars and exhausts.



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