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Servicing, Rebuilds and Custom Projects


Project Lower Seat Height

See August 2015 edition of The Shed magazine for full article

YouTube clip showing pneumatic seat in operation


Project "Cats Whiskers"

Overall width of Tiger 800XC measured at the bar ends is 850mm (975mm when the mirrors aren’t folded in)

Maximum width with Triumph’s plastic “Adventure” panniers fitted is 1,000mm (behind the rider obviously), which is the same as the width with Triumph’s aluminium “Expedition” panniers fitted

There is no scope to reduce overall width of the Adventure panniers, however the Expedition panniers are shallower and their mounting rails can be cut and welded closer in to the sides of the bike giving a new overall width (at the rear) of just 790mm – NARROWER THAN THE HANDLEBARS and therefore placing THE CAT’s WHISKERS at the front of the bike

To create the requisite space the silencer is repositioned to below the RH pannier


Project Tiger 675

To take these two used bikes (uncrashed and ready to donate 100% of their parts to other road-going bikes):

2007 Tiger 1050cc


2008 Daytona 675cc

then marry them together to create an "off-road 675", get the whole thing through LVVTA inspection and then put on a lot of miles (South Island done, Oz still to do)


Some finished pics available by clicking on this link ->

Tiger 675 off-road bike

Project Daytona 1050

To take these two used bikes (uncrashed and ready to donate 100% of themselves to used parts buyers):

2005 Speed Triple 1050cc


2004 Daytona 955cc

then marry them together to create a "Daytona 1050", remap both ignition and fuelling and have a hoot around the Pukekohe racetrack

A bit more detail available by clicking on this link ->
Daytona 1050 exhibition bike

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